Kitty Korvette Presents Purr-fume

Welcome, Fragrance Fiends~

Once a custom perfumer for the legendary Fred Segal boutique in Santa Monica, I decided in 2005 to use my experience and create my own collection of custom-blended perfume oils. Growing in customer loyalty amongst both men and women ever since, my line continues to grow, and I currently have over 200 perfume oil blends to choose from. All oils are of the highest quality, very long-lasting and contain no alcohol. Each are packaged into a glass cylinder bottle with a roller ball applicator. A concentrated fragrant experience is beautifully combined with ease of portability.

Click on "Step Inside..." to navigate your way through my online Purr-fume apothe-skary; or for a shortcut to my current fragrance menu, CLICK HERE!

Meow-Meow! Vroom-Vroom!
Kitty Korvette